Drug-Free Treatment

Physiotherapist doing a dry puncture
Doctor's hand wtrh acupuncture needles in knee of patient
Acupuncture being performed
Hands of the doctor doing acupuncture of back

Dry needling is the use of a solid needle (monopolar needle electrode)  for deactivation and desensitization of a myofascial trigger point, which should stimulate a healing response in that tissue and reduce the biomechanical stress of the muscle treated.

Dry needling creates a tiny lesion, with bleeding, in the tissue, the contracting muscle immediately relaxes and blood circulation improves in the area. The needling can break the cycle maintaining the contracture. The needle created lesion disturbs the surrounding tissue and generates an electrical current, or lesion current. Small local bleeding caused by the lesion stimulates secretion of numerous growth factors such as platelet derived growth factor and neurotrophic factors. This promotes healing and regeneration of damaged tissues, and initiates repairs within a few days. All this happens without the injection of medication into the tissue.


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