Myoguide DOC Patient Management Page Launched on the Intronix Website

Come have a look at the first glimpse of Myoguide DOC on our new website page:

Pain And Spasticity Management At A GLANCE!

Designed for clinicians managing patients with pain and spasticity.  Clinicians can document patient history, treatment, treatment plans, generate reports,  as well as, add and track spasticity, capability, and pain index scores.

Clinicians can mark, as well as, attach details, where they inject using anatomical graphics.  They can also review the complete patient injection history at any time, using displayed coloured markers.  Integrated patient assessment indexes can be transferred to a tablet for patients to fill out.

Clinicians have the ability to easily view and update patients’ demographics, treatment history, and outcome assessments. There is also an ability to access all graphics for integration into communications. Lab results and other documents can be added to the patient records for a more comprehensive picture of the patient’s history. This can reduce paperwork and save time, while increasing productivity and improving patient management.

Powerful “at a glance” insights into your patients’ progress are available using the graphics based system.  Myoguide DOC includes built-in graphics series defining a variety of spasticity syndromes.  There is also the capability to build your own customized anatomical graphic series, for clinically defined protocols, pertinent to each office or department.

Coming soon and available directly from our website.  Watch out for our new ecommerce page!