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We use the latest technology to design and produce portable medical devices for muscle, nerve, and brain diagnostics.


Myoguide™ System

Myoguide™ is a handheld needle EMG guided injection system. Myoguide™ enables clinicians to see and hear, as well as challenge, the injection sites, before any drug is injected.

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Myoguide™ System UPGRADE!

Myoguide's integrated stimulator  can now stimulate in both 1.0mA and 0.1mA steps over the full 0-20mA stimulation range;  Myoguide has 50, 100, 200, or 500μs stimulation pulse width choices; and stimulation frequency choices of 1, 3, 5, 7, or 10 Hz;

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innovative development

Intronix is always at the forefront of technologies and constantly researching and developing new products. The products we have in development cover a wide range of applications, expanding our scope and contributing to support diagnostics and treatment.

Intronix News

The industry is constantly changing as new information and technologies are introduced to the medical world. Stay up-to-date with Intronix to remain knowledgeable and competitive in the medical device field.

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Intronix will be at MEDICA 2009, Düsseldorf, Germany

Intronix Technologies Corporation will unveil “Myoguide”, their new injection site targeting, handheld device, at MEDICA 2009, November 18-21 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Myoguide presents a comprehensive integrated system that was developed for clinicians injecting neuromodulators ( Botox©, Myoblock©,Dysport©), for the management of pain,movement disorders, spastic musclemanagement and cosmetic applications Clinicians use Myoguide to locate areas of…

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Latest Press Release for MEDICA

EMG-GUIDED NEEDLE SYSTEM PROMISES NEW ERA OF MORE ACCURATE INJECTIONS Toronto, Nov. 13 – Demand by an aging population grows world wide for injected neuromodulator drugs to control the disorders and pain associated with a wide range of chronic and other diseases. However, as recent Federal Drug Agency (FDA) reports in the United States have…

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SleepView Sleep Study System

We finally came up with a name for our “Sleep-at-Home” sleep study system. We have registered to document the details of our wrist mounted sleep study system. SleepView is still in R&D, but we hope to complete it and bring it to market as soon as possible. Keep an eye out for details on…

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Intronix receives ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Intronix has just received our ISO 9001:2008 registration from BSI. This was an update from our previous ISO 9001:2000 certification. We at Intronix Technologies Corporation pride ourselves on maintaining and improving our quality system whenever possible. Special thanks to our regulatory team for being at the top of their game.

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Intronix makes the MEDICA Newsletter a second time!

Intronix Technologies news releases caught the attention of the MEDICA editors and have made it again to their weekly newsletter. This makes two inclusions in the “innovations section” of the newsletter in the last three weeks. The first publication had us featured by ourselves. This last mention included us in “Ontario Companies Bring Diversity to…

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Quality is a priority for Intronix

We had the privilege of going through our regular re-certification ISO audit, which happens every third year in our yearly ISO auditing cycle. This is a top to bottom audit covering all aspects of our regulatory system. Our quality system is registered to both ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003. BSI is our quality systems registrar…

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Intronix Press Release makes the MEDICA Newsletter!

As you may know, Intronix will be at MEDICA, in Dusseldorf, Germany in November. We just made the MEDICA International Newsletter with our press release. Apparently, we are possibly the first Canadian company to make this newsletter. Check out the innovations section! The editors are interested in Myoguide and our new Sleep-at-Home system. We have…

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Brilliant Round at MEDICA

Congratulations to Martin, our VP for Sales and Marketing and Joe, our Senior Production Manager and Regulatory Rep., for their fine performance at MEDICA, over the last week. We were there to reinforce our existing relationships, spend time with our great cooperative development partners, and make new contacts. Overall a great success. Special thanks to…

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Clinical Day with Myoguide

We like to keep our feet wet in the clinics to observe real practices. We had the privilege of watching over a variety of procedures, from headache protocol injections to management of pain, and spasticity. Myoguide performed admirably. Clear and concise EMG signals and EMG audio heralded entry into muscle, each and every time. I…

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Myoguide Hits Target at MEDICA 2009> New Press Release!

Toronto, Dec. 8 – Intronix Technologies Corporation and its hand-held Myoguide™ system for more accurately targeting injections made a memorable debut in November at MEDICA 2009 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Visitors from Europe and around the world showed showed strong interest in the battery-driven Myoguide. “We were exhibiting at MEDICA for the first time and introducing…

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