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The Myoguide System

Myoguide™ EMG/ESTIM BoNT injection guidance system is designed to amplify EMG signals from muscle and provide audio and visual feedback to assist clinicians in locating areas of muscle activity.

Myoguide also has an integrated and well featured stimulator, capable of stimulation in either 1.0 mA or 0.1 mA steps, for muscle, nerve, and motor endplate location procedures.

Myoguide supports injection of neuromodulators and both chemodenervation and neurolytic procedures, as well as, peripheral nerve stimulation.

One of Myoguide's great strengths is continuous upgradeability.  This defining feature allows all Myoguide units to be updated to the latest capability, whenever we develop new functionalities to support Myoguide users now and into the future.

Ensure that you have registered your Myoguide with us, using our Activate page, to take advantage of the benefits!

Easy To Order: Myoguide, Accessories, and Electrodes!

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The Advantages of Buying Direct

  • Connect directly to the people who designed and build Myoguide
  • We are the Myoguide experts! Get the right information, right away!
  • Extend your manufacturer’s warranty from 1 year to 2 years
  • Direct access to Myoguide PREMIUM support and online training, by email, phone, or video conference

  • The only source for factory authorized service and software updates
  • Unique Myoguide accessories only available on the Myoguide Store, including cables and specialty items
  • Access to QUALITY hypodermic and surface electrodes at very competitive pricing
  • Take advantage of loaner program discounts applied to Myoguide purchases

Intronix Digital Health Technology

Intronix Technologies has designed digital health technology (DHT) to provide tools for healthcare providers to measure and track treatment outcomes, as well as, engage patients as an essential part of their treatment.

Our DHT system is designed to support a wide range applications that range from healthcare practices to the management of an entire clinical study.

The mobile app components can operate independently, however the highest potential is achieved when they interact with each other through our secure cloud.

Communication is the foundation on which any good relationship stands, and this is especially true for the healthcare provider-patient relationship.

Communicating with patients is generally easy when they’re at a hospital or clinic, but what happens when they are unable attend, or would benefit from remote monitoring?

The answer can be found in adopting our secure, HIPAA-compliant, cloud based solutions, that give patients and healthcare providers tools to support communication, assessments, remote monitoring and telemedical visits supported by our DHT platform

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The Myoguide Academy

Welcome to the Myoguide Academy!  We have added our first eLearning program to our website.  This will expand our commitment to online education, which now includes videos and  eLearning.

How can I access the Myoguide Academy eLearning?

Myoguide Academy eLearning is accessed from this website. Our online eLearning platform is compatible with all devices, and is avaiable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will be updating with the latest system training and information to ensure you will always have access to the latest know how and best practice.

Our first eLearning course “The Benefits of Injection Guidance” will outline the importance of electromyography (EMG), and electrical stimulation (ESTIM), for guiding injections of chemodenervation agents, such as botulinum toxin, or neurolytic agents.

The goal of this course is to present the salient considerations needed to help improve outcomes and take better advantage of injection guidance device features and capability.  Take advantage of the insight we have accumulated over the years, supporting clinicians’ injection guidance procedures.

More courses will become available as they are developed.

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Getting to Know Intronix Technologies!

Intronix Technologies has been manufacturing medical devices since 1984.  We celebrated our 38th year in business in 2022! 2023 will be a hallmark year for new product launches! Stay tuned!! We have a long history of creating and manufacturing medical devices for other companies, as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), since 1989. We have been…

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The Value of Point of Care Ultrasound

The foundation of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) is a continuous personal patient-physician relationship focused on integrated care that looks at the whole person. PM&R clinicians take a personalized approach to healthcare. Their holistic view allows them the ability to provide patient focused healthcare services, treat all genders and age groups, and build long-term patient…

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Training with Ultrasound Phantoms

Introduction In the past, formal clinical training would occur within a teaching hospital environment, or possibly at an outside course, using live patients. Medical professionals are expected to continuously acquire new knowledge and skills while treating their patients. Medical simulations offer clinicians the opportunity for hands-on experience without involving patients [1,2]. Simulations provides a safe…

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Digital Technology for the Management of Pain and Spasticity

Chronic pain is a common condition with significant physical, psychological, social, and economic impact. The Institute of Medicine estimates that >100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Conservative estimates suggest that well over US $500 billion per year is spent in the treatment of these pain conditions. This is associated with lost productivity of these…

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Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Guidance

We have presented many resources about the Myoguide™ EMG/ESTIM BoNT injection guidance system, related to the value of EMG and Stimulation guidance (ESTIM) techniques, including: The availability of EMG signal display EMG audio and options such as audio mute The application of 1.0mA and 0.1mA stimulation steps for ESTIM location procedures We’d like to underline the value…

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Intronix and AMSI Join Forces to Produce Lifelike Ultrasound Phantom

TORONTO, Aug. 22, 2022 — Innovative ultrasound model creation technology aimed at enhancing the delivery of medical simulations, which will assist the treatment of millions of patients suffering from pain and spasticity, will be developed thanks to new strategic collaboration. Medical professionals are expected to continuously acquire new knowledge and skills while treating their patients. Medical…

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The Evolution of Myoguide

The Myoguide™ EMG/ESTIM BoNT injection guidance system you see today started development in 2006, over 16 years ago. We asked movement disorder specialists about the value of a portable device, to support therapeutic toxin injections. This evolution timeline extended to our first regulatory clearance in 2007, for BTX Buddy! Who came up with that name?…

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The Benefits of Combined BoNT Injection Guidance Techniques

We have presented many resources about the Myoguide™ EMG/ESTIM BoNT injection guidance system, related to the value of EMG and Stimulation guidance (ESTIM) techniques, including: The availability of EMG signal display EMG audio and options such as audio mute The application of 1.0mA and 0.1mA stimulation steps for ESTIM location procedures We’d like to elaborate…

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Toxins Meeting 2022: New Orleans

Intronix Technologies Is Glad To Be Back Again Exhibiting, Attending Lectures, And Supporting Workshops, At The Toxins Meeting! We Love New Orleans!!! We Featured Our Myoguide™ EMG/ESTIM BoNT Injection Guidance System, As Well As Technomed Hypodermic Needle And Surface Electrodes. As A Sponsor, We Are Glad To Contribute And Remain Surrounded By Very Distinguished Company! Thanks…

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Toxins Meeting 2022: New Orleans

Intronix Technologies is glad to be back again exhibiting, attending lectures, and supporting workshops, at the Toxins meeting! We love New Orleans!!! We featured our Myoguide™ EMG/ESTIM BoNT injection guidance system, as well as Technomed hypodermic needle and surface electrodes. As a sponsor, we are glad to contribute and remain surrounded by very distinguished company! Thanks…

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