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Myoguide™ EMG/ESTIM BoNT injection guidance system is designed to amplify EMG signals from muscle and provide audio and visual feedback to assist clinicians in locating areas of muscle activity.

The original Myoguide had an integrated and well featured stimulator, capable of stimulation in either 1.0 mA or 0.1 mA steps, for muscle, nerve, and motor endplate location procedures.

Myoguide supports injection of neuromodulators and both chemodenervation and neurolytic procedures, as well as, peripheral nerve stimulation.

One of Myoguide's great strengths is continuous upgradeability.  This defining feature allows all Myoguide units to be updated to the latest capability. While the original Myoguide required factory service to be updated, the new Myoguide will have easily accessible updates via the new Myoguide App for both iOS and Android tablets.


Sign up for the waiting list to get the new wireless Myoguide device as soon as it is available.

As the costs to develop new medical devices are very high, we are gauging interest via waiting list for the new Myoguide. Please consider supporting us by adding your name to the list today.

Those who have signed up for the waiting list and purchase the new Myoguide early will get an exclusive discount and qualify for the Myoguide Founders Program.

Our Founders Program awards those who purchase the new wireless Myoguide within the first three months. Get discounts on needle electrodes purchased from the Myoguide Store for the first year of ownership.

Your support is essential before we can commit to the massive investment needed to develop this new technology.

Sign up for the waiting list here:

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Easy To Order: Buy Myoguide Accessories and Electrodes

  • Fill out the registration form
  • Select the items you wish to order
  • Select to pay by credit card or get a quote sent to you
  • Fast Shipments
  • Responsive support
  • Buy Myoguide DIRECT from us and receive an extended warranty (2-years)!
  • Ask us about electrode subscription savings

The Advantages of Buying Direct

  • We are the Myoguide experts: get the right information, right away
  • Extend your manufacturer’s warranty from 1 year to 2 years
  • Direct access to Myoguide PREMIUM support and online training, by email, phone, or video conference
  • We are the only source for factory authorized service and software updates
  • Unique Myoguide accessories only available on the Myoguide Store, including exclusive cables
  • Access to QUALITY hypodermic and surface electrodes at very competitive pricing

Reserve Your Next Generation Myoguide by entering your info on the waiting list!

The next generation Myoguide device will be able to sit next to the patient, and all control, display and audio will be handled wirelessly via an IOS or Android tablet.

Improvements will include:

  • Improved workflow
  • larger/ higher resolution display
  • Higher fidelity audio
  • Longer battery life
  • Optimized button placement
  • Split screen mode
  • App updates

Mixed guidance procedures will be optimized by employing "App controlled" WiFi POCUS, or WiFi-mediated display, on the same screen as Myoguide, using a split screen mode.

Please register on the waiting list so we can commit the huge investment required to build this incredibly updated injection guidance device!  Costs for medical device development are fabulously expensive these days.

We can't do this without your help! 

We still need 30 more people to commit!

The Myoguide Academy

Welcome to the Myoguide Academy!  We have now expanded to two eLearning programs.  This will expand our commitment to online education, which now includes videos and  eLearning.

How can I access the Myoguide Academy eLearning?

Myoguide Academy eLearning is accessed from this website at a nominal charge per course. Our online eLearning platform is compatible with all devices, and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Benefits of Injection Guidance” outlines the importance of electromyography (EMG), and electrical stimulation (ESTIM), for guiding injections of  neuromodulators,  such as botulinum toxin, or neurolytic agents. There is a specific focus on the use of Injection guidance devices, such as Myoguide, for support.  We review best practices to support best outcomes.

Take advantage of the insight we have accumulated over the years, supporting clinicians’ injection guidance procedures.

We have also just launched our latest course, that reviews the aspects of Parkinson's Disease.  This course references an incredible library of the latest literature on PD.  Catch up with this up-to-date review.

More courses will become available as they are developed.

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