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  • Recent studies show that both expert and novice injector needle placements improve with guidance even in large easily accessible muscles (Schnitzler et al, 2012)
  • Continuously upgradeable to ensure you can update your unit to the latest functionalities as soon as they become available
  • Battery operated (specifically designed to operate with alkaline or rechargeable batteries!)
  • View the EMG signal on a large LCD signal display (supports silent procedures)
  • EMG amplified within the 10-700Hz range with 9 gain settings
  • High fidelity EMG audio within the 20-700Hz range. Large waterproof speaker
  • Powerful Stimulator capable of up to 20mA of stimulation
  • Capable of 1.0mA and 0.1mA stimulation steps
  • Four stimulation pulse width choices
  • Five stimulation frequency choices
  • Supports both chemodenervation + neurolytic procedures, as well as peripheral nerve stimulation 
  • AUDIO MUTE and STIMULATION PAUSE to help streamline procedures.

Myoguide comes complete with a handy carrying case, cables, electrode adapters, printed instruction manual, USB memory card, online warranty activation card,  AA batteries, and ready to go out of the box!

Myoguide is currently sold out!

We are currently designing the Next Generation Myoguide!  There will be many new capabilities and a vastly improved user experience

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  • Myoguide is currently sold out!

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    The NEW wireless Myoguide will improve clinical workflows, free you from cables, and support WiFi ultrasound devices to share screens with the new Myoguide App, providing a complete dashboard for mixed guidance procedures.

    The Myoguide Founder's Program offers discounts on the new Myoguide. Purchasing the new Myoguide qualifies you for discounts on surface and hypodermic needle electrodes in the Myoguide Store for the entire first year of ownership.

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The Intronix Model 8008 Myoguide™ System can be an essential part of your clinical toolbox. You can always count on responsive support, and superior service from Team Intronix


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