Help us get the New Myoguide Project Started!

The Original Myoguide is currently SOLD OUT!

We are designing the Next Generation Myoguide, Featuring new capabilities and improved user experience

Due to critical supply chain issues, we can no longer manufacture the original Myoguide unit.  We now have the amazing opportunity to re-design and modernize the original Myoguide, which is over 10-years old.

We're looking for more clinicians to put their names on the new Myoguide waiting list!

This is essential before we can commit the massive investment to develop this new technology. Myoguide is a very niche product and we need to know you are willing to support us in this latest adventure!

We want to hear your ideas for the new design; this is the perfect opportunity to let us know your thoughts!

The new and improved Myoguide will be wireless and controlled by either iOS or Android tablets via the new Myoguide App.

The new Myoguide can simply sit next to the patient during treatment, while all control, display, and audio will be handled wirelessly by your tablet. This will improve clinical workflow.

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Founding members are early adopters of our new wireless Myoguide device.

Sign up on the New Myoguide Waiting List, claim the discount, and purchase the New Myoguide!

You will automatically qualify for a special discount on any electrodes purchased from the Myoguide Store within the first year of ownership!  Membership has its benefits!

Here are some updated features to look forward to:

- Larger display

- High fidelity audio

- Longer battery life

- Optimized softkeys for all functionality

- Easy to update with the new Myoguide App

- Split-screen capability to share screen with App controlled Wifi Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) for improved clinical workflow for mixed guidance procedures

Everyone on the waiting list will be eligible for the exclusive New Myoguide DISCOUNT!

Sign-up to our waiting list! Get access to progress reports, make feature suggestions and comments, and secure your opportunity to buy the New Myoguide, as soon as we're ready to launch.