Purchase Order Requirements

Purchase Order Requirements:

1. Quality system:
Seller shall provide and maintain a quality system acceptable to Intronix Technologies. Compliance with the following requirement shall not preclude subsequent rejection until seller provides acceptable product. Sellers’ quality system is subject to review and approval by Intronix Technologies during the purchase order contract duration. Seller should have quality system compliant to ISO9001:2015 or higher [please provide a copy of Registration Certificate].

2. Right of Access:
All items on the purchase order are subject to surveillance, including facilities, equipment, personnel, product, procedures, systems and records at the Sellers facility. Seller grants right of access to Intronix Technologies personnel, or their representative, Intronix Technologies’ customer and regulatory authorities to all facilities involved in the order and to all applicable records.

3. Certificate of conformance/compliance:
A certificate of conformance/compliance is required from the seller for parts and material in accordance with applicable purchase order, contract, drawing, specification and revision requirements.

4. Records:
All quality records created and/or retained by seller, shall be legible, stored and retained in a suitable environment to prevent damage, deterioration or loss. Quality records shall be retained by seller for a minimum of seven years, unless otherwise specified. Records shall be available for review by Intronix Technologies, their customers and regulatory authorities in accordance with contract or regulatory requirements.

5. Flow-down of requirements:
Seller is required to flow down all applicable requirements in the purchasing documents, including key characteristics where required, to sub tier suppliers.

6. Sellers Traceability:
Sellers certificate of conformance/compliance and material safety data sheets are mandatory. Test reports/certificates of analysis when requested on order should be provided to specifications requested. All documentation should accompany shipment. Failure to provide documentation shall result in delay of receiving material, possibly affecting payment of invoice.

7. Shelf life:
A minimum of 75% shelf life is required upon delivery of all age sensitive material, unless otherwise approved by the buyer. Certifications for shelf life items should include the following:
• type of material
• manufactures name
• manufacturing date
• expiration date
• lot or batch number

8. Order Confirmation:
Orders should be acknowledged by seller within 48 hours from receipt.

9. Changes:
The seller shall notify Intronix Technologies of changes in the product or service so it can be determined if the change has an impact on the quality or performance of a finished device.

10. Terms:
As specified on order, unless otherwise arranged by the seller and buyer. All COD shipments require an invoice to be faxed to the buyer with correct value of order, prior to shipping

11. Discrepancies:
The supplier should notify the buyer of any price or quantity discrepancy, prior to acceptance of the order or shipping of the material in writing.

12. Shipping:
The order should be shipped as specified with our forwarder of choice, unless otherwise agreed. If the supplier is unable to use the forwarder requested, please contact the buyer for alternate choice.

13. Foreign object damage:
Seller shall maintain a program to control foreign object damage or contamination during manufacturing, assembling, inspection, storage, and shipment.

14. Delivery:
Intronix Technologies requested delivery date = dock received date

15. Non-conforming material:
When it is known to seller that material is nonconforming to buyers requirements it is expected that seller contacts buyer for approval prior to delivery.
Material received non-compliant to buyer’s purchase order requirements, including requested documentation, is subject to be on hold at buyer until issues have been resolved. This condition may cause delay of payment of sellers invoice.
When the root cause to a nonconformance is determined to be under the responsibility of the seller the corrective action is flown down and seller shall take necessary actions to prevent future deliveries of nonconforming products.

16. Tax:
Items purchased under this purchase order by Intronix Technologies are for resale and as such are not subject to Goods & Services Tax and provincial sales tax.


Quality record – document and/or data that demonstrate conformance to specified requirements, and/or verify effective operation of the quality system. [i.e. certificate of conformance/compliance; test reports; etc.]
Certificate of conformance = certificate of compliance is an affidavit declaring all characteristics of the material/equipment conforms to the stated requirements on purchase order and/or accompanying document [i.e. drawing].
Registration Certificate = a document provided by a qualified third party registration body attesting that the Quality Management System is compliant to a recognized standard [i.e. ISO9001]
Seller = supplier = vendor.= contractor = consultant

Test Report is a detailed breakdown of the material properties.