Sales and Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

1. These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) shall apply to any and all software, services, sales, and support that Intronix Technologies (Intronix) or Myoguide Inc offers to customers in Canada, and the United States and territories and possessions (including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico) who purchase, or have purchased, products (“Products”) or services (“Services”) from Intronix, or Myoguide Inc., unless otherwise explicitly agreed in writing.

2. Except as specifically agreed otherwise in writing, Intronix, or Myoguide Inc., only sells Products and Services to commercial end users for use by persons trained and experienced with such Products and Services. Resale or distribution by third parties or use of Intronix, or Myoguide Inc., Products that does not comply with these Terms and Conditions voids the warranty and/or software license and could result in legal action.

3. Payment terms are net 30 days on approved credit from the invoice date. All payments made after 30 calendar days are subject to a service charge equal to 2% of the total amount due for each month the payment is in arrears.

4. A minimum purchase of $25 is required for all Product and Services orders.

5. Quoted and online order prices do not include, and Customer acknowledges and agrees that it shall be responsible for any other amount, including without limitation, fees for export, customs duties, tariffs, special packaging, transportation, insurance and all federal, state and local charges, sales, use, gross receipts, excise, valued-added, services, or any similar transaction or consumption taxes (“Taxes”).

Any such amount including Taxes, fees or charges imposed by any governmental authority on the transaction between Intronix, or Myoguide Inc., and Customer will be paid by Customer in addition to the price specified on the respective purchase order(s). If Customer is exempt from any such amount, Customer must provide to Intronix, or Myoguide Inc., a valid exemption.

6. Payment for all online orders must be made by credit card unless Customer has completed the Purchase Order forms, online, or emailed Intronix, or Myoguide Inc., in advance to create a business account on approved credit (“Business Account”). Intronix, or Myoguide Inc., reserves the right to refuse to accept further online orders for delinquent Business Accounts.

7. Some Products may not be available for purchase online and must be ordered by calling or emailing Intronix, or Myoguide Inc., and requesting a supplies specialist (“Special-Order Products”). Special Order Products require a 100% deposit at the time the order is placed. Some Special-Order Products have extended delivery times, as noted in the item description.

8. Customer may check the status of any order by calling or emailing Intronix, or Myoguide Inc., during normal working hours.

9. Intronix, or Myoguide Inc. reserves the right to modify its offered Products and Services including specifications, availability, pricing and shipping charges or method at any time.

10. Shipment is Delivered to the Customer’s specified destination, with the price of shipment billed to the Customer. Freight charges vary depending on shipment content and method.

The Customer must notify Intronix, or Myoguide Inc., in writing within five (5) business days after delivery if Products do not conform to the Purchase Order, has been delivered after its expiration date, was improperly labeled or packed by Intronix, or Myoguide Inc.,, shipped in error, or has been damaged during shipping.

If Customer provides such notice, Customer shall be provided a return authorization or refund in accordance with the return policy If Customer does not so notify Intronix, or Myoguide Inc. Within the designated five (5) day period, the Products shall be deemed accepted by Customer.

11. In the event Customer cancels the purchase after the Products have shipped, Customer agrees to reimburse Intronix, or Myoguide Inc., for actual costs incurred, including but not limited to, charges for restocking, training and freight.