I-Engage.Community Website:


Find the confidence and skills to manage pain

Pain management is a grueling full-time job for patients.

Patients can feel like their pain is in control.  Our digital health technology can provide help to gain confidence, support, and skills to better manage chronic pain.

Patients can get connected on the forum, with others who understand. They can also take courses to help sharpen pain management skills.

The website can help patients find and build a health team on our GeoLocator;  Healthcare providers can sign-up to allow local patients find them, on the community website.

Patients can also join-in on live chronic pain support groups and interactive webinars on our Zoom platform. There is also a  video library of meditations, stretches, and low impact yoga sessions.

There is also a forum for App support for both patient and healthcare provider apps.  Simply browse, or post to ask questions.  Support is very responsive.