Intronix Digital Health Technology

Chronic pain is a common condition with significant physical, psychological, social, and economic impact. The Institute of Medicine estimates that >100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain.

Conservative estimates suggest that well over US $500 billion per year is spent in the treatment of these pain conditions. This is associated with lost productivity of these individuals and the burden that their suffering engenders for patients and their families.

Communication is the foundation on which any good relationship stands, and this is especially true for the healthcare provider-patient relationship.

Communicating with patients is generally easy when they’re at a hospital or clinic, but what happens when they are unable to physically attend, or would benefit from ongoing communication and assessments?

The answer can be found in adopting our secure, HIPAA-compliant. cloud based solutions, that give patients and providers tools to support communication, assessments, remote monitoring and telemedical visits supported by our digital health technology (DHT) platform

Our first deployment supports healthcare providers and patients dealing with chronic pain.

Our DHT system is designed to support a wide range applications deployed from healthcare practices, to managing  entire clinical studies.

The technology is based on mobile app components that can operate independently. The highest potential is achieved when these components interact through our secure cloud.

There is also a dedicated website designed to provide moral and technical support, and better communication.

Our chronic pain digital health solution is based upon three pillars:

  • Chronic pain community website
  • Patient facing apps
  • Healthcare facing apps

   I-Engage.Community Website:


Find the confidence and skills to manage pain

Pain management is a grueling full-time job for patients.

Patients can feel like their pain is in control.  Our digital health technology can provide help to gain confidence, support, and skills to better manage chronic pain.

Patients can get connected on the forum, with others who understand. They can also take courses to help sharpen pain management skills.

The website can help patients find and build a health team on our GeoLocator;  Healthcare providers can sign-up to allow local patients find them, on the community website.

Patients can also join-in on live chronic pain support groups and interactive webinars on our Zoom platform. There is also a  video library of meditations, stretches, and low impact yoga sessions.

There is also a forum for App support for both patient and healthcare provider apps.  Simply browse, or post to ask questions.  Support is very responsive.

   I-Engage (Pre-Launch - Coming soon):


I-Engage helps patients stay in control of their pain management by equipping them with tools to monitor and respond. Patients can track their pain, connect with HCPs, and access the community (within the app).

All results are available graphically, and supportive information pertaining to the patient’s documented condition is pushed to their phone, or tablet, to help them monitor, track, and cope with their specific situation.

Electronic diaries have been shown to improve compliance and decrease the risk of recall bias. Self-management contributes to better outcomes.

Healthcare providers can train patients to fill out more extensive questionnaires to increase the value of day-to-day feedback. These questionnaires can be selected and specifically activated on the patient’s I-Engage App. This will increase the value of the patient’s feedback and further improve communication about the patient’s condition.


I-Quantify (Pre-Launch - Coming soon):


I-Quantify is for healthcare providers who treat patients/clients with chronic pain. This tool helps engage patients in their pain care. HCPs can track their condition with relevant indexes and monitor how they’re doing between appointments (via connection with I-Engage). Better assess treatment efficacy and patient state through collecting high quality, personalized patient data, with the help of your patients!