Imagine for a moment the many different advances in technology that have helped progress the effectiveness of healthcare over the years. The advent of computers, of laser technology, of the internet and many, many others have all made a significant impact on the quality and performance of healthcare provision, helping healthcare professionals, improving treatment standards and enhancing patient management.

Now imagine the possibilities provided by being ahead of one of these great leaps in innovation. Imagine what it would have been like to be an early adopter of laser technology for example within the medical device field. Imagine seeing the possibilities and potential offered by this advanced technology before it becomes mainstream.

Anyone who is interested in medical science and who understands the excitement generated by innovation will appreciate just how thrilling that must have felt to those who latched on to laser technology, for example, who could see its potential while it was little more than a concept. They could see a jump was coming that would help healthcare professionals and patients alike.

While it is still very early days that is just how Intronix feels about some of the major developments in innovative technologies that are currently at the cutting edge of digital science. We strongly believe there will be significant advances in areas like artificial intelligence, data analysis and even the blockchain over the coming years. We have no doubt that all those involved in healthcare will benefit from advances made possible thanks to these technologies.

Another technology that we are also particularly excited about is augmented reality (AR). AR involves the overlaying of interactive, digital information on a ‘real world’ view. It is often compared with another advanced technology – virtual reality (VR), the difference being that VR involves a completely digital environment whereas augmented reality is added to a ‘real world’ setting.

Many are talking about how this technology could play a significant role in the healthcare market over the coming years and how it could be embraced as a major growth area. In fact, the augmented and virtual reality market in healthcare was valued at almost $1B USD in 2017, with a projected growth rate of close to 40%, reaching $5B by 2023.

This incredible growth will be driven by the rising interest in augmented reality and virtual reality, giving rise to added investment. The biggest barriers at present are the lack of devices that utilize AR or VR, along with the lack of understanding amongst the wider medical community about the potential solutions provided.

Intronix has been working with augmented reality technology, as applied to medical simulations, over the last year. Our goal is to create realistic medical simluations that include lifelike, anatomically accurate, physical models that intgrate with AR to enhance the learning experience.

Over the coming months we will be talking more about the potential offered by augmented reality and how we think it is an area that provides significant scope for all those interested in bringing medical devices and patient treatment to the next level.

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