See us at Toxins 2022 in New Orleans!

This year’s Toxin meeting is in New Orleans on July 27-30th.  We’re pleased to be both attending lectures and presenting as an exhibitor.  I love the opportunity to catch up with the latest toxin research.  Our current research support involves Parkinson’s tremor detection, remote patient monitoring, and telemedicine,  connected to our new digital health technology platform.

It’s been a number of years since the Toxin meeting was in the USA.  I was lucky enough to attend the last one in Miami in 2012, shortly after we launched Myoguide.  That was a great meeting, and the location was fantastic.  Gotta love the Eden Roc!

We’re looking forward to visiting New Orleans. It’s been a while!  Already thinking about the live music, great food, and catching up with our colleagues and customers!  Hope we’ll see y’all there!