Intronix Website Update Including New Myoguide Registration Page

Current Users Register on Our Website to Access Benefits and Open Communication Pathways

New Users, Activate Your Warranty!

Check out our updated website.  We improved access to valuable information, and streamlined content.  There are some new functionalities scheduled to go live within the next few weeks.

If you are a current Myoguide owner, please Register  your Myoguide on our website to ensure you will be informed about new updates and accessories for your Myoguide unit, as they become available.

Registering your Myoguide unit, even after your warranty period is over, is an advantage for more streamlined service, and access to updates and exclusive benefits as they become available.

All new Myoguide units will have a scannable QR code on the warranty card to hyperlink to our activation page.  It is important to activate your warranty.

Many of you know that we continue to support Myoguide throughout its lifespan, so do not hesitate to contact us for anything related to your Myoguide.

We are about to launch our own Myoguide store within the Intronix website

You will be able to buy Myoguide and all the accessories DIRECTLY, including some new accessories only available on our website store.

We’re also working on some new, and expanding existing partnerships that everyone can benefit from.  More on that later, but we are looking forward to launching some great new programs in the near future.

Stay Tuned!