Guidance Can Improve Injection Accuracy

Did you know that injector needle placements have been proven to improve with guidance (Schnitzler et al, 2012)?   The Myoguide System is a valuable addition to any clinical toolbox:

  • Easy to use
  • Continuously upgradeable, whenever new features become available
  • Battery operated, and designed to accommodate both Alkaline and Rechargeable batteries
  • Supported by online Myoguide training, direct support, billing guidance, and more.

Get these amazing features, included with your Myoguide

A large LCD signal display: Supports silent procedures   Powerful stimulator capable of up to 20mA
EMG amplified within the 10-700Hz range with 9 gain settings   Capable of 1.0mA and 0.1mA stimulation steps
High-fidelity EMG audio within the 20-700Hz range   Four stimulation pulse width      choices
Large waterproof, high fidelity speaker   Five stimulation frequency choices

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