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Augmented Reality

Intronix Augmented Reality Toxin Injection Simulation

Intronix Technologies toxin injection augmented reality simulation. Simply select the muscle, which is verified by a glimpse of the anatomy, palpate the anatomically correct model, sync the syringe, and the anatomy view becomes visible when the needle inserts through the skin. Toggle invisibility and view the selected muscle. The selected muscle label is visible in the lower right corner. Any muscle the needle tip connects with is indicated in the upper left corner, to provide situational awareness. The target muscle will turn blue from the usual red colour when the needle track is correct for injection success, and green when inserted. There is background EMG sound when the needle enters the arm musculature and increase insertional activity when the target is penetrated.

The Myoguide ARm is an excellent learning tool to reinforce toxin injection techniques. The lifelike model can be palpated to provide realistic tactile feedback. Augmented reality illustrates the anatomy view of the vital structures of the arm once the injection procedure is started. Different injection approaches can be experienced, without any risk to a live patient.

ARm is the ultimate platform for sharpening injector skills.

Intronix will be developing different simulation platforms for other toxin injections including the head and neck, and lower extremities, as well as models for facet injections and lumbar punctures.