Clinical demonstrations of Needle EMG Guided Injection and Stimulation location

View Myoguide Clinical Demonstration EMG Guidance

View Myoguide Clinical Demonstration Stimulation Location

Myoguide provides a superior injection site targeting system with many useful features, such as, the ability to see and hear EMG signals, display real time analyzed EMG, and stimulation location capability. There are numerous advantages to embracing Myoguide for EMG guidance:

• Conveniently integrated into one handheld package

• Helps identify involved muscles i.e. pre-injection physiopathological evaluation, or pre-intervention evaluation. (Either by EMG or stimulation location)

• pre-injection evaluation in cases where the site may be surrounded by essential nerves and blood vessels

• pre-injection evaluation can lead to reduced drug dose and volume, thereby reducing the incidence of drug resistance, and limiting drug diffusion into adjacent areas.

• Provides confirmation of treatment effects

The need to increase accuracy when injecting neuromodulators has been highlighted by recent FDA reviews of the dangers of peripheral effects. Use of Myoguide can lead to more accurate injection site targeting, allowing reduced concentrations and volumes of injected drugs. Myoguide can help increase treatment efficacy.