The Benefits of Injection Guidance

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The Benefits of Injection Guidance course will outline the importance of electromyography (EMG), and electrical stimulation (ESTIM), for guiding injections of chemodenervation agents, such as botulinum toxin, or neurolytic agents into muscles or in proximity to motor end plates or nerves to treat dystonia or spasticity, is based on both theoretical and preclinical data.

It is important to note that both EMG and STIM guidance procedures can be an essential component to ultrasound guided injections, by adding another layer of confirmation before injection.

The goal of this course is to present the salient considerations needed to help improve outcomes, and take better advantage of injection guidance device features and capability.

  • Muscle signal characteristics
  • You will learn about the benefits of injection guidance
  • How to better your approach with guidance devices for best results
  • What injection guidance features are best able to support your procedures
  • How Myoguide can be used to support your practice
  • How to set up your injection guidance procedures for best results

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