Intronix Nominated for Ontario Business Achievement Award

Intronix Technologies is pleased to announce that we have been nominated for an Ontario Business Achievement Award (OBBA). It is an honor to be nominated as the OBAA’s have been celebrating business success for over 30 years. The nomination highlights our efforts implementing a successful export strategy that has positively affected Intronix growth and development over the last three years.

Intronix Technologies ( developed the Myoguide™ system, which is an injection guidance system that detects critical information from muscle tissue, which can help clinicians find the optimal sites to inject drugs like therapeutic Botox®, to manage spasticity.

We wish to thank our distribution partner Ambu USA, for distributing Myoguide™ in the United States for the last three years, and Ambu A/S who have just begun distributing Myoguide™ in Europe. There is a natural synergy between Intronix and Ambu. Ambu not only distributes Myoguide™, but also produces the electrodes that are required for Myoguide procedures. This provides a more complete solution for our clinician customers, especially when the pharmaceutical companies come into the picture.

We are also grateful for therapeutic Botox® injector training programs and Myoguide™ loaner programs run in the U.S. to help clinicians sharpen injection skills, and offers the opportunity to borrow a Myoguide™ unit for their own use. Please contact your local Allergan representative for more information on injector training and Myoguide™ loaner programs.

We are pleased to recognize Ambu USA’s efforts to loan out Myoguide™ demo units to clinicians in the U.S. for trials. Please contact Ambu USA ( for more information about Myoguide loaners and quotations.