Intronix and AMSI Join Forces to Produce Lifelike Ultrasound Phantom

TORONTO, Aug. 22, 2022 — Innovative ultrasound model creation technology aimed at enhancing the delivery of medical simulations, which will assist the treatment of millions of patients suffering from pain and spasticity, will be developed thanks to new strategic collaboration.

Medical professionals are expected to continuously acquire new knowledge and skills while treating their patients. Medical simulations offer clinicians the opportunity for hands-on experience without involving patients.

Simulation provides a safe method for teaching necessary skills. Clinicians can carry out procedures, refine techniques and build confidence, without putting patients at risk.

Integration of new technology, such as palpable, ultrasound aligned anatomical models, will now provide an opportunity to improve the depth and authenticity of the experience, for clinicians learning to deliver ultrasound guided therapeutic injections.

“Musculoskeletal disorders have a major impact on society in terms of morbidity, long-term disability and economics,” says Dr. Evan Friedman, President of Intronix Technologies. “Patients require ongoing treatment, and to achieve that objective, we need medical personnel who are adept at handling the specialized processes involved.”

Canadian-based innovator, Intronix Technologies, will be working with Augmented Medical Simulations Corporation (AMSI), to develop new medical simulations to support treatment delivery to patients with these conditions.

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“Previously, formal clinician training would occur within a teaching hospital environment, or possibly at an outside course, using live patients,” explains Dr. Evan Friedman. “Our new model will address this issue by utilizing the latest ultrasound model fabrication technology to enhance the training process. We believe this will help elevate the level of care delivered to patients and improve treatment outcomes.

“We are pleased to join forces with the AMSI team to benefit from their vast experience in anatomical model development and fabrication”

This project will create robust musculoskeletal medical simulations using anatomically accurate models of the body.  These models can be palpated, having the look and feel of a live patient. 

Realistic palpation, ultrasound visualization, and hypodermic needle electrode “feel” will add the ability to experience realistic patient encounters.  The treatment approach can be followed as the injection needle navigates through the tissue to its target.

 “We look forward to this collaboration with AMSI’s research team to develop advanced technologies that will lead to development of new generation Intronix devices that will benefit patients undergoing treatment for pain and spasticity.”

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