Intronix Product Retrospective: 2024F

2024F setup

Following our anniversary we can get a bit sentimental looking back at devices developed during our neuroscience research phase. Some of these devices were very specific and some had more mass appeal. We have designed and fabricated everything from intracellular microelectrode amplifiers to biphasic-isolated stimulators. The Intronix Model 2024F 4-channel isolated amplifier with signal conditioning has to be highlighted as one of our distinctive devices. The 2024F has been cited more than 20 times in the literature. We have seen the heaviest applications in the area of human cortex research. The 2024F is a robust workhorse that we still support today. It has a Canadian Medical Device License, so it fills the niche wherever human level isolation is needed. Variable gain over three ranges and adjustable band pass filters creates a great front end for data acquisition systems. The 2024F uses headstage technology to bring the first stage amplifier right to the electrodes. This reduces the high impedance signal path to the length of the wires connecting the electrodes. Once amplified the rest of the signal path is low impedance and is relatively free of movement artifact and stray noise pick-up. The outcome is robust, very clean signals, and human level isolation as wide as DC to 10kHz bandwidth. We have used up to four 2024F devices (16 isolated channels) in cooperative research, and technology transfer projects, at our local universities and hospitals. Intronix is about to start a new cooperative research project with Western University that will include 2024F fronted data acquisition. We continue to rely upon high quality signal acquisition, and the 2024F, for the best possible results.