Myoguide Unit

Thank you very much for taking this course. We hope you found the background information interesting and informative. We were happy to present some useful background related to using Myoguide to advantage, to support your clinical encounters.

As always we are available to discuss anything related to Myoguide, Myoguide support, and Myoguide operation, at any time. Feel free to contact us directly by email or phone.

Please register your Myoguide using our online Activation page. This is needed to activate your warranty, and register your existing Myoguide unity, if are already an owner. New owners will receive another full year of warranty, after completing this course!

Both new and existing Myoguide owners who register their Myoguide unit will also receive a $50, one time use, coupon that can be used in the Myoguide store.

Benefits include a establishing a direct connection to Intronix enabling emails that will inform about new update options for your Myoguide unit, should the become available. We will also send notices about new Myoguide accessories, when available, and appropriate news related to conferences and meetings we will be supporting and/or attending.

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