MedGadget picks up the Intronix Story

We were fortunate enough to have MedGadget, internet journal of emerging medical technologies, pick up Myoguide, as a news story. They filed under Anaesthesia, Neurology, and Plastic Surgery categories. I’m very happy to see the press find us!

Intronix is at MEDICA 2009, in Dusseldorf, Germany, for this week. We have had two press releases for our MEDICA adventure. While I’ve sent out press releases to medical device oriented press, It’s difficult to get the press to notice, as they don’t know us yet. We’ve been in the MEDICA newsletter two times in their “innovations” section. Just starting to get the press familiar with who we are and what we do. MedGadget found us by themselves. Hopefully this will be a trend, as we would like to get the word out. The Intronix team has set up our luxurious corner booth, and we’ll be ready to go when MEDICA opens its doors to the industry tomorrow. We will be launching Myoguide onto the international scene. We did bring a few our new SleepView, wrist mounted, sleep study systems, to show to a select few, but the main focus will be on Myoguide.