New Myoguide Training page

Check out the new Myoguide training page!

Introducing the Myoguide Training Page on our website. We have located the most important videos and information related to how to use Myoguide; the benefits of injection guidance; The finer points to consider when using Myoguide;  Best electrode practices for EMG/STIM injection guidance procedures; and details about loaner programs, all in one place.  The Intronix website has a lot of information, however,  we wanted this resource to help clinicians find pertinent information to get up and running as quickly as possible.

As always, we do include a comprehensive printed manual and the Myoguide iNFOcard with every Myoguide.  The iNFOcard is a USB memory stick, containing animated and clinical videos, white papers, brochure, flyer, and various foreign language translated Myoguide operator’s manuals.

We also have a wide variety of clinical and various translations of the animated videos located on our YouTube channel “intronixtech“. We are very happy to speak to anyone who may have questions about Myoguide.  You can contact us anytime at:

A hyperlink is located within the QUICK MENU (bottom of all our webpages), and on the Myoguide product page. Free to review through the direct link: