Myoguide Back in the Clinics

We were back in the clinics with our improved Myoguide needle EMG guided injection system. Non-exisitant noise, and unbelievably good EMG audio fidelity. Crisp and clear signals on the LCD display. The MUTE function worked well and was a welcomed addition to the operational features. We carried out 20-30 needle EMG guided injections, with excellent results. 2 stimulation location sites. The stimulator worked very well, and was more than impressive. Several Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections using Myoguide needle EMG guidance. PRP uses the patient’s own blood, which is processed and spun down where the plasma, white blood cells and platelets are separated. Injection of these components can lead to soft tissue healing and repair. Overall a great session in the clinics. We shot most of the encounters in HD video. We’ll be creating video instruction demos to illustrate Myoguide features and show applications.

Check out the video of the patient encounter. This particular patient requires regular Botox injections to manage chronic back pain. Myoguide is used to advantage to ensure high treatment efficacy by enabling the clinicians to find the areas of hyperactive muscle fibres responsible for spasms leading to pain.