Myoguide DOC

We are pleased to have started work on our software documentation software, specifically designed for creating electronic medical records (EMR) for the management of pain and spasticity. Myoguide DOC, allows creation of an EMR, which includes biometric data, injection documentation, spasticity and pain index tracking, billing documentation, and report generation. This is an industry leading step in the documentation of procedures and tracking of treatment efficacy. Myoguide DOC can be used in all clinics, for the tracking of treatment results. This is especially useful for documenting, but not limited to, neuromodulator injections, including needle EMG guided injection. Myoguide DOC will serve as a building block for future Myoguide products, such as Myoguide Plus, which will also include wireless multi-channel EMG signal handling, video synchronization, and remote device control.