Myoguide™ EMG/ESTIM BoNT Injection Guidance System: Finer Points

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Myoguide™ EMG/ESTIM BoNT injection guidance system is designed to amplify EMG signals from muscle and provide audio and visual feedback to assist clinicians in locating areas of muscle activity.

Myoguide also has an integrated and well featured stimulator, capable of stimulation in either 1.0 mA or 0.1 mA steps, for muscle, nerve, and motor endplate location procedures.

Myoguide supports injection of neuromodulators and both chemodenervation and neurolytic procedures, as well as, peripheral nerve stimulation.

One of Myoguide’s great strengths is continuous upgradeability.  This defining feature allows all Myoguide units to be updated to the latest capability, whenever we develop new functionalities to support Myoguide users now and into the future.

Myoguide’s EMG bandwidth is tuned to record the highest density of EMG spectral elements.  Myoguide can measure a range of 10-700Hz and the audio section can produce high fidelity sounds that range from 20-700Hz.   This creates the best possible EMG audio within the range of the most important EMG spectral elements needed for aural identification of EMG.    

Exclusive featureAudio Mute” allows the clinician to easily silence the EMG audio.  Audio will be returned to the pre-muted level with a touch of any button. This is especially useful to silence Myoguide between patient encounters.  This is also extremely useful when operating in “Silent Mode”, is indicated, e.g. spasmodic dysphonia Tx, and working with children.

Myoguide is equipped with what is essentially a single channel EMG machine with a full featured, built in stimulator.

Myoguide’s well featured stimulator presents 5 stimulation frequency choices, four pulse width choices, and 1- 20 mA of stimulation current available in both 1 mA and 0.1 mA steps.

0.1mA steps are helpful and necessary for nerve location procedures allow evoking responses at lower, more comfortable stimulation levels.

Pulse widths of up to 500 microseconds are available, that allow evoking muscle twitches at lower currents, yielding a more comfortable clinical experience for patients undergoing stimulation location procedures.

Wider stimulation choices allow evoking twitch at lower, more comfortable stimulation levels.

Exclusive feature, “Stimulation Pause” allows clinicians to easily halt the stimulation process.  This is especially useful when repositioning the injection needle electrode in order to fine tune its location for a more accurate injection point.  Stimulation can easily be returned to the pre-paused current level with the touch of any button.

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