Myoguide Guided Injection Best Electrode Practices

Congratulations on your Myoguide purchase.  You have a great device to help you with your guided injections. To carry out these procedures you will need a quality hypodermic needle electrode and two surface electrode. The needle electrode plugs into the black connector. One surface electrode is connected to the green connector and is for the ground, and the other connects to the red connector and is for the reference. We would like to present the following guidelines to ensure you have the best possible situation for measuring great EMG signals from the hypodermic needle electrode to support your injection guidance procedures. The hallmark we all need to embrace is that we need “Fresh Surface Electrodes!” “oldies are not goodies”. Avoid using surface electrodes that have been sitting in an open package laying around without any knowledge of when the package was opened. Surface electrodes will keep for a 2-3 weeks once the foil package has been opened. Please don’t use old electrodes, as they will affect the quality of the EMG signal and the ability to deliver stimulation. Let’s address the placement of the surface electrodes to help us collect the best possible signals. Some simple pre-planning will gain best results for the entire procedure if one area is being treated. These simple principles will help you create the best opportunities to collect great signals:

  •  No real need to move the reference and ground electrodes if all the injection sites are close by.
  •  Most times only the reference electrode needs to be moved if there are bilateral injections.
  •  Avoid placing electrodes in areas that will see ultrasound goop! This will avoid short circuits and peeling surface electrodes.