Myoguide Hits Target at MEDICA 2009> New Press Release!

Toronto, Dec. 8 – Intronix Technologies Corporation and its hand-held Myoguide™ system for more accurately targeting injections made a memorable debut in November at MEDICA 2009 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Visitors from Europe and around the world showed showed strong interest in the battery-driven Myoguide.

“We were exhibiting at MEDICA for the first time and introducing Myoguide which is a highly accurate neuromodulator injection instrument that uses a hypodermic needle electrode guided by electromyography (EMG) precision and safety,” explains Intronix CEO and founder, Dr. Evan Friedman. “Myoguide ensures that neuromodulator drugs used to help control the symptoms and pain associated with neuromuscular disease are going to the precise spot where they will have the most powerful and beneficial effect.”

Dr. Friedman’s hope was that potential distributors and users of Myoguide among the record-breaking 4,400 exhibitors and over 140,000 visitors from 100 countries who showed up at the annual four-day trade fair would take notice of Intronix and Myoguide. And indeed they did.

In the four days of MEDICA 2009, those manning the Intronix booth, housed in the Ontario pavilion, we met with over 125 visitors including 51 potential distributors from 20 different Countries, 3 OEM manufacturers and a European medical device research & development company according to Martin Tekela, Intronix’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“We were hoping for a good response and those numbers exceeded our expectations ,” says Tekela. “I think one of the reasons for the good response is that we made sure our Product and Company News information could be easily found on the MEDICA website. With so many visitors at the show, that’s how people find you these days, by searching the website.”

What they found was a company that while new to MEDICA is no novice in the medical device world.

“Our company has been in business for over 25 years making EMG amplifiers and other systems mainly for research. But Myoguide is intended to be put in the hands of clinicians who are treating patients and are concerned about both the accuracy of their injections and their dosage.”

In the weeks following the fair in Düsseldorf, Intronix has been putting Myoguide through its paces for several serious potential users including a major drug manufacturer who saw Myoguide for the first time at MEDICA.

“Myoguide also makes it possible to reduce the concentrations and volumes of the injected drugs and still achieve effective results,” says CEO Friedman, “This can go a long way to reduce drug exposure, and diffusion side effects.”

Technically, Myoguide features a multifunction, single-channel EMG amplifier with a 20 mA stimulator, EMG signal display, instantaneous EMG analysis, as well as audio feedback. That feedback confirms entry into muscle for each and every injection. So clinicians can evaluate the current state of EMG activity in previously injected areas during re-injection appointments and thus make better treatment decisions.

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