A Conversation with Dr. Chan Gunn

I’d like to include an excerpt from an interchange with Dr. Chan Gunn. Of course, you should check out his website: www.istop.org . He’s a brilliant pain management physician. I must say that his work has influenced our direction early on in our research and development program. This excerpt leads to his assessment of Myoguide’s place in pain management.

“Although my early research into needle reflex-stimulation was guided by EMG, I have since then depended on physical signs of neuropathy. My early paper on “Tenderness and Motor Points” (Journal of Bones and Joint Surgery,Vol. 58A, No.6 Sept. 1976) described the segmental nature and level of spinal trauma which was the beginning of an important, new medical subject–neuropathic pain. It described EMG evidence of neuropathy in the nerves to the tender muscles : increased insertion activity, polyphasic action potentials, prolonged motor action potentials, etc.

Many physicians are still unaware of the true nature of neuropathic pain. Your apparatus would help explain it. I believe it would also help in finding and documenting the sites for dry needling in intramuscular stimulation (IMS). You would have a much larger audience for this. ”

This really validates our work developing Myoguide as an essential tool for finding, and allowing documentation of, these sites. Myoguide makes finding these sites as straight forward as possible. Clinicians can see and hear EMG activity. Myoguide provides both quantitative and qualitative feedback necessary for clinicians to make decisions about treatment and treatment delivery.