Funny story from the AANEM 2010

Funny Stories at Exhibitions, or Tales from the Great Beyond
There are always collections of stories coming from conferences and exhibitions we attend. This tale comes from the AANEM 2010 meeting: Food was served in the exhibit hall, which probably is not too good an idea, other than the attendees will be there to enjoy some food, drink and look at the exhibits. Good thought in theory, but not so much so in practice. Let’s just say that one of our admirers ended up spilling an entire cup of hot coffee into one of our Myoguide demo units. I’m happy to report that Myoguide enjoyed the coffee, but needed to be drained. Myoguide passed the spill test with flying colours, and continued to work well after the bath. We do use a waterproof speaker, and it is sealed to the enclosure when Myoguide is assembled. The front Lexan panel seals all the switches, as well. Let’s just say thanks for the real world test, but please do not try at home