Introducing the I-Engage Community: Our New Chronic Pain Community

Earlier this week, the I-Engage Community, our new chronic pain community website, opened its doors to Founding Members. This is exciting news as it’s the first step in launching our full digital health solution for chronic pain and spasticity patients. 

An Online Health Community for Chronic Pain Patients

The I-Engage Community, preceding our two chronic pain apps, is centered on peer support and knowledge sharing. The website has several helpful features, from places to ask questions, seek emotional support, find pain care, and learn essential pain management skills. 

Our goal with this community is to help pain patients become more engaged in their own health. Participating may empower them to take control of their self-management, consequently leading to better health outcomes. 

If you’d like to learn more about how online health communities can benefit patients, then read more here

The Community Features Include: 

  • Discussion forums about living with pain 
  • Online support groups run by trained leaders 
  • A series of eLearning courses about pain management
  • A blog 
  • A directory with healthcare providers who offer pain care 
  • Follow-along videos for exercise, stretching, and meditation

If you are interested in listing your pain clinic on our pain care directory for I-Engage Community members to see, visit the directory for more information. 

What’s next? I-Engage and I-Quantify – Our Chronic Pain and Spasticity Apps

The next part of this project is launching our two apps: I-Engage and I-Quantify. 

I-Engage is a patient-facing app where patients can regularly fill out indexes describing their pain and/or spasticity. Then, their data is visualized in easy to understand graphs. Further, they can access the chronic pain community from within the app, keeping them engaged.

Patients can securely connect to their healthcare providers app, I-Quantify. Providers can assign indexes to their patients and subsequently see how they’re doing, at a glance. The pairing of our apps allows for remote therapeutic monitoring, optimizing care of patients between appointments. 

To learn more about this technology, read about it here

The I-Engage Logo for our new Chronic pain Community website and app

How To Get Involved Now: 

If you are interested in being a part of this exciting chronic pain community, there are a few ways you can participate. 

  1. You can join as a Founding Member with code FOUNDERS100 to get our premium yearly subscription for 1 year for free. Offer valid until March 31, 2023. 
  2. You can share this amazing resource with anyone you think would find value:
    • Patients with chronic pain and/or spasticity
    • Family or friends with pain 
    • Other healthcare providers of pain care 
  1. Contact us on the community to list your practice on our doctor directory.
  2. Contact us here if you’d like to be among the first to trial I-Quantify, our provider-facing app.