Join the New Myoguide Founders Program: Secure Exclusive Benefits

Along with our new wireless Myoguide (coming soon), we’re launching the Myoguide Founders Program to thank our early adopters.

This blog post will explore the advantages of becoming a founding member, including early access and discounts to elevate your practice.

The New Myoguide Founders Program: Your Path to Innovation

At Myoguide Inc., we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of precision injections. We understand that medical professionals like you require the latest tools and technologies to deliver the best care to your patients. That’s why we’ve introduced the New Myoguide Founders Program, designed to reward your dedication to innovation and excellence.

This graphic introduces the Myoguide Founders Program. There is text explaining the program: Great savings for early adopters - discounts on electrodes purchased from the Myoguide Store for the first year of ownership. Purchase the new Myoguide within the first 3 months to qualify.

Advantage 1: Early Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

By joining the Myoguide Founders Program, you position yourself as a leader in the field of precision injections. You’ll be amongst the first to get access to the new Wireless Myoguide device. Early access empowers you to stay ahead of the curve and offer your patients the best possible care.

Advantage 2: Exclusive Discounts on the New Myoguide

We understand that investing in the latest medical technology is a significant decision. That’s why we’re offering exclusive discounts through our Founders Program. As a founding member, you’ll enjoy preferential pricing on the new Myoguide device.

This special discount recognizes your commitment to innovation and ensures that upgrading is more accessible than ever.

Advantage 3: Discounts on Electrodes for the First Year

The discounts aren’t limited to the device itself. To enhance your experience and show our gratitude to you, we’re offering discounts to Myoguide Founders Program participants on electrodes purchased from the Myoguide Store for the full first year of ownership.

Whether you need surface or hypodermic needle electrodes, you’ll enjoy savings that make your investment even more worthwhile.

Advantage 4: Shape the Future of Precision Injections

You’re not just a passive recipient of benefits; you’re an integral part of shaping the future of precision injections. Our waiting list allows you to tell us what you want to see in the new device.

Your feedback and insights can directly influence the development of the new Myoguide. Your voice matters, and we value your contributions to improving our products.

How to Join the New Myoguide Founders Program

Joining the Myoguide Founders Program is a straightforward process. When you sign up for our waiting list, you’ll automatically become eligible for the Founders Program.

Upon release, those who purchase the Myoguide within the first three months become Founding Members and can take advantage of this amazing program.

This is a graphic showing how to join the Myoguide Founders program: 1 - sign up for the new Myoguide Waiting List, 2 - Purchase new Myoguide within first 3 months (discounted), 3 - Automatically qualify for the founders program with purchase, 4 - Enjoy discounts on electrodes for the first year of ownership.

The waiting list ensures that you secure your place in line. You’ll enjoy early access, exclusive discounts, and the chance to shape the future of this innovative technology with your feedback.

Don’t miss your chance – we only have a few more spots left on our waiting list! Sign up today here.

Your commitment to excellence deserves to be rewarded, and we’re excited to embark on this innovative journey together.