Improving Clinical Workflow: Original Vs. New Myoguide

The next-generation wireless Myoguide device (coming soon) brings forth significant enhancements to clinical workflow, significantly improving the capabilities of the original Myoguide. This blog post explores how the new device improves clinical workflow compared to the original.

Due to critical supply chain issues, the original Myoguide is no longer in production. We’ve used this opportunity to improve Myoguide, focusing on updates that make your practice more effective and efficient.

If you want to get a new Myoguide device when it hits the market, be sure to sign up for our waiting list to secure your place in line.

How The New Myoguide May Improve Clinical Workflow:

Enhanced Control and Accessibility

Wirelessly connected to your iOS or Android tablet via the Myoguide App, the new Myoguide grants you unparalleled control and accessibility. Real-time adjustments become effortless, ensuring precision throughout procedures.

Wireless Freedom, Work Untethered

The new Myoguide offers more freedom, allowing unrestricted movement within your clinical setting. The device sits next to the patient while you view the controls on your tablet from wherever is most effective.

Optimized Features for Efficiency

The new Myoguide takes advantage of your tablet’s larger, high-resolution display. High-fidelity audio feedback enhances procedure monitoring, while extended battery life ensures uninterrupted operation during longer treatments.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrated with your tablet through the Myoguide App, the new Myoguide eliminates the need for a separate control unit. This integration streamlines clinical workflow, making procedures smoother and more efficient.

You can also screen-share with WiFi based Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) devices. This makes mixed guidance procedures a breeze!

a graphic organizing the features of the original myoguide vs the new myoguide, improving clinical workflow

Redefine Your Precision Injection Clinical Workflow

In conclusion, the new Myoguide redefines clinical workflow in precision injections. Upgrading to the new Myoguide means investing in the efficiency of your clinical practice.

If you purchase the new Myoguide within the first 3 months, you will automatically qualify for our Founders Program. Participants get exclusive discounts on electrodes purchased from the Myoguide Store for the first year of ownership.

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