AAPM&R 2017: Myoguide and Myoguide DOC Come to Denver, Colorado

Intronix Technologies will be there to help out with the hands-on workshops, and answer any questions about Myoguide injection guidance system, and introducing our new patient management software system “Myoguide DOC”!

The American Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Annual Assembly is taking place Colorado Convention Center, in 
Denver, from October 11-15, 2017.

Myoguide DOC is a unique, graphics-based, software package, designed for clinicians managing patients with pain and spasticity.  Clinicians can document patient history, treatment, treatment plans, generate reports, as well as, add and track spasticity, capability, and pain via questionnaire and index scores (17 built-in and more coming).

Clinicians can mark, as well as, attach details as to where, what, and how they inject using anatomically accurate graphics, within 37 stock syndromes, as well as your own custom “syndromes” that can be created from over 100 built-in anatomical images.

Powerful “at a glance” insights into your patients’ progress are available, as all historical records can be reviewed at the time of reinjection, and index results are graphed over time.

The Myoguide DOC APP is designed for the patient to be able document how they are doing, in terms of pain, spasticity, and capability, between appointments. Results are loaded into the patient record and serves as a graphical indicator. Patient engagement is an important component!

We’ll update as more information becomes available. See you in Denver!