Latest Press Release for MEDICA


Toronto, Nov. 13 – Demand by an aging population grows world wide for injected neuromodulator drugs to control the disorders and pain associated with a wide range of chronic and other diseases. However, as recent Federal Drug Agency (FDA) reports in the United States have highlighted, there are dangerous peripheral side-effects possible when neuromodulators are injected.

Consequently, Intronix Technologies Corporation will introduce to MEDICA 2009 a highly accurate neuromodulator injection instrument that uses a hypodermic needle electrode guided by electromyography (EMG) precision and safety. The handheld, battery-operated, wireless “Myoguide” promises to usher in a new era of more accurate injections.

“What we provide with the Myoguide™ System is superior injection site targeting,” explains Dr. Evan Friedman, Intronix CEO and founder of the 25-year-old Ontario company. “Myoguide’s built-in functionality and software, provide the tools to improve injection accuracy ensuring that neuromodulators are going to the spot where they will have the most powerful effect. Additionally, the instrument makes it possible to reduce the concentrations and volumes of the injected drugs and still achieve effective results. This can go a long way to reduce drug exposure, diffusion side effects, and future drug resistance.”

Myoguide is a valuable addition to the armamentarium – the medicines, tools, and techniques – used by the highly skilled, and valuable especially to clinicians new to neuromodulator injections.

Technically, Myoguide features a multifunction, single-channel EMG amplifier with stimulator, EMG signal display, instantaneous EMG analysis, as well as audio feedback. These are essential for clinicians wanting to increase treatment efficacy and reduce the risk of side effects.

Intronix encourages distributors, potential users, and other visitors to see the Myoguide demonstrated at MEDICA 2009, November 18-21, Düsseldorf, Germany, Hall 16 (Canadian Pavilion), Booth G 42.